The Cronulla-Sutherland District Junior Rugby Football League is the association that governs the clubs in local and NSWRL combined competitions.

Made of up 14 clubs with over 4,000 players competitions are held from April to September each year in age groups from Under 6 to Open Age.  Three different competitions are offered including contact and non-contact versions of Rugby League – League Touch and League Tag.


President – Paul Tubridy

Secretary – Bob Cummings

Senior Vice-President – John Mannah

Assistant Secretary – Amanda Kayes

Treasurer – Kim Walmsley

Competition Manager – Jenny McNamara


  • Charlie Bate
  • Peter Matheson
  • Alan Kayes
  • Simone Osfield
  • Kathy Ismay
  • Michael Toro
  • Paul McInnes
  • Belinda Green

Grounds Committee – Phil Murray (Chairman) & John Adamson

Registration & Grading Committee – Simone Osfield (Chairperson), Tony Vickery & Michael Evans

Promotions Committee Chairperson – Kathy Ismay

Social Committee Chairperson – Simone Osfield

Coaching Director – Alan Kayes

Judiciary Chairman – Scott Williams

Referees Assocation – Brian Gilchrist (Chairman)

Insurance Officer – Judd O’Shea

Child Protection Officer – Michael Toro