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Complete a course to gain the skills to become a referee. With an online course developed it has never been easier.  The following course outline is the Level 1 Referee’s qualification an outline is below, but for more information click here –

  • Referee Minimum Age: 13 years
  • Qualification Prerequisite: Nil
  • Involvement (What age groups can you referee?): Referee 6-19 years only. Referees between 13-18 years may only referee two years below their age
  • How long am I accredited for: 4 years
  • Course Time: approximately 7-8 hours
  • Course Cost: $25

The Level 1 Referee course is an entry level course consisting of 3 components:

  1. 10 Online modules (The Referee, Laws of the Game, Signal & Whistles, Role of the Touch judge, Fitness for officiating, Pre-Match, Match & Post Match Considerations, Practical Refereeing Theory, Management & Communication, Attitudes – Personal Qualities, Safety- Maintaining a proper environment)
  2. Face to face modules (overview of the above modules)
  3. Practical Assessment (on-field assessments) Upon completion of the Online and Face-to-face component of the course, the candidate will qualify as a ‘Referee in Training’ which enables them to referee the relevant age groups for a period of 18 months. During this time the candidate is required to undergo a practical assessment. If the candidate is deemed competent they will be officially accredited as a Level 1 Referee.