The Cronulla Junior Rugby League is happy to announce the elections of the following Board members and office bearers for season 2019.

Chairman – Nathan Waugh

Deputy Chairman – John Mannah

General Manager – Amanda Kayes

Finance Director – Kim Walmsley

Director of Member Services – Simone Osfield

Competition Manager – Jenny McNamara

Patrons – Graeme Morrison, Barry Pierce, Jack Stewart, Graeme Oates, Marie Withers and Scott Morrison (Prime Minister of Australia)


  • Charlie Bate
  • Sonia Cooper
  • Paul Douglas
  • Belinda Green
  • Alan Kayes
  • Kathy Ismay
  • Adam Wrightson
  • Michael Toro
  • Chris Ricketts
  • John Keith
  • Faith Perryman
  • Tony Vickery
  • Bill Morgan
  • John Foster

Grounds Committee -Bob Cummings (Chairman) & John Adamson

Registration & Grading Committee – Tony Robinson

Promotions Committee Chairperson – Kathy Ismay

Social Committee Chairperson – Kellee Barbuto

Coaching Director – Vacant

Judiciary Chairman – Vacant

Referees Association – Brian Gilchrist (Chairman)

Insurance Officer – Judd O’Shea

Child Protection Officer – Michael Toro

Social Media Chairperson – Adam Wrightson

Auditors – Maher Partners