The time of the year has come to finals and a big congratulations goes to all the participants of our mini and mod league, rugby league, League Touch and League Tag, where both boys and girls, men and women have enjoyed themselves and competed at their best.

As stated at the beginning of the year there was 14% in male  and 28.5% in female regos, which required a huge effort from club volunteers and game officials, well you did it and with distinction.  The changes in competition structure have shown issues with current rules and procedures and these will be addressed in the next year.

Again, I acknowledge the support the league receives from the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks and Leagues Club, the NSWRL, ARLC and the Sutherland Shire Council, and of course the club sponsors who keep us afloat in complementing the funds paid by our loyal players and parents/supporters of players.

Good luck to all players and officials within the finals series!