Welcome to the 2019 NSWRL #RESPECT Round (NSWRL Conference Competition Round 3 – 27 / 28 April 2019).

Attached you will find a one page document that outlines the different aspects of the program for the 2019 season. You will also find your District specific branded #RESPECT Tile for use on all of your District and Club social media platforms / websites.

Feel free to jump on board and start promoting the #RESPECT Round now as we only have a week leading into Round 3.

This year’s theme is ‘EVERY ROUND IS #RESPECT ROUND’


In Round 3 please follow the #RESPECT Protocols:

· All captains to shake hands with each other and the Referee in the middle of the field before the game
· Players to also shake hands in the middle of the field before the game
· Clubs to take as many photos as possible and to upload to social media with the hashtags #NSWRL #RESPECT #LETTHEMPLAY
· Remember to encourage all teams, players and staff, to show respect to all participants of the game
· As per the theme for the season, Clubs are encouraged to undertake the #RESPECT Protocols every round, not just in Round 3, as ‘EVERY ROUND IS #RESPECT ROUND’

Please forward these protocols to all of your team coaches and managers and if you are hosting home games during #RESPECT Round, please ensure that all of your teams playing at home, and all teams visiting your ground are aware of what is expected of them before their game starts.

Enjoy the next week of promotion of the best parts of our game and have a fantastic #RESPECT Round on 27 and 28 April.