Cronulla Sutherland Junior Rugby Football League

Team Liaison Officer (TLO)

Attn: All Clubs

The Executive of the Cronulla Junior League have determined that the Ground Manager role at each venue would be better served with some assistance in dealing with parents / supporters of both teams involved.

This modification to match day operations will apply at all levels of Rugby League in the 2020 season.

We will be trialling it with our U12 age group for the remainder of the 2019 season in the Cronulla District.

Each team must provide a “Team Liaison Officer” herein known as the “TLO” who will act as a contact point for the Ground Manager during the fixture. Should supporters / spectators from either club behave in a manner that would previously been dealt with by the Ground Manager, from this point the Ground Manager will engage the relevant TLO to address this issue with the spectators involved.

The teams will be supplied with a pink vest by Cronulla Junior League which they will be required to wear during the match so they can be easily identified.

Each TLO must ensure the following:

• Bring the vest to each game.
• Make themselves known to the Ground Manager prior to the start of the match.
• They will always be required to stand near the bench in sight of the Ground Manager.
• Aid in resolving spectator behaviour before it gets out of hand. Assist in calming members of their team spectators down.

The Team Liaison Officer will work with and assist the Ground Manager.

The Ground Manager still has the responsibility of maintaining control of spectators, interchange bench areas, and liaising with match officials, this is not the role of the Team Liaison Officer.

The use of the TLO will begin Round 10 and remain in place until the end of the season for all under 12 fixtures.

The Executive | CSDJRFL